About Us

The Bacon Hill Bonanza Road Race is being organized by a group of runners associated with the Bacon Hill Church.  Our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable race in the beautiful farm country of Bacon Hill for both beginner and expert runners.

The profits from the race will go towards repair funds at the church with 25% of the race proceeds also being donated to S.A.F.E.R. which is a division of the Northeast Regional Foodbank located in Schuylerville. Your participation this year will be directly benefitting the local community that is being impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and the impacts that the NY Shutdown has had on the economy.

Over the past 7 years of the race, we have donated over $3,000 to local charities including: S.A.F.E.R., Schuyler Park, Hudson River Crossing Park, Saratoga Plan, Saratoga Center for the Family, Schuylerville Caring and Sharing Program, and The Giving Circle.

S.A.F.E.R.  is a non-profit organization that is a member of the Northeast Regional Foodbank. It provides assistance to families in need within the Schuylerville Community. It is located at 12 Spring Street in Schuylerville and has been serving the community for many years. During this time of the COVID-19 outbreak, they have hosted drive-thru food distributions and worked to support the increasing need within the community.

Bacon Hill Church, which traces its roots to 1818, has about 100 members today. The sanctuary, a landmark at the corner of Route 32 and Stonebridge Road is believed to have been built in 1820. Its Sir Christopher Wren-style belfry is typical of churches of the era, and the ornate weathervane is considered rare. The bell in the turret was forged by a foundry in Troy, N.Y.

Worship services are held at 10 a.m. each Sunday. Sunday school for children is held concurrently with worship services. All are invited and welcome to join us for our services at anytime.

For more information, please visit: https://baconhillreformedchurch.org